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Our Management

EPCM: Engineering Procurement Construction and Management


    Engineering: involves study activities and detailed design.


      Construction: involves multidiscipline Engineering teams including construction management and project commissioning.


Management: Involves management of the entire EPC including commissioning


    Procurement: Involves, tender adjudication and procurement of all projects related equipment..

      Tender preparation and evaluation services

      1. Developing sourcing strategy 2. Developing a professional tender/RFP process 3. Examining the sign-off and approval process 4. Evaluating suppliers: Developing key measures for a total cost and value approach 5. Managing the legal issues in the process

Engineering Design

ENGINEERING DESIGN: Plant design using AutoCAD, 3D or similar software and engineering based on vendor equipment.

    Project Management

    PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Involves the whole management of the project from detailed design up to construction including commissioning based on project management Institute (PMI).


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